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Have you Shared Your Love Today?

Listen to Love!  Love, Inspire, Strengthen, Teach, Encourage, NeedListen to Love :: Love to Listen

Do we REALLY Listen? 

Do we REALLY HEAR what is being said, and more importantly, MEANT?  Listening involves focusing on the speaker as well as his/her words. That means paying attention to them.  Instead of "taking things personally" or reacting defensively, when we hear with our heart we can see with clarity.  As we try to "put ourself in the other's shoes," in order to understand the speaker's perspective, we're able to be more objective, open, and understanding.  THINK LATER (about your reply); LISTEN NOW. 

We've all heard that the "eyes are the window to the soul."  Eye contact is extremely beneficial for effective one-on-one communication (or for one to many)!  Have you ever noticed that the great entertainers engage their audiences with their eyes?  Have you ever been a "captive audience" for just one person?  A nod or a smile is a quiet gesture that conveys your interest, without interrupting.  Listening to someone, and truly understanding, is one of the greatest gifts you can give today... 

Go ahead!  Try It!  You'll probably notice a smile of appreciation or an added sparkle in the speaker's eye...   Listening is superb for building self-esteem in children, (teens, and adults) too!  Listening and understanding is fundamental in any successful relationship.

Love is what we demonstrate when we truly listen.

Inspire is what we do when we encourage another's ideas.

Strengthen the bond in any relationship, simply by LISTENING...

Teach by listening...  No kidding!  Ask questions...  Listen CAREFULLY...  Direct/share accordingly!

Encourage truthfully, with compassion, sincerity and graciousness. 

Need...  We all need each other; show the people in your life their importance to you by just listening and truly hearing...

To Do Today... Listen objectively; value everyone
design from Design Gallery: A2B ~ Goals & Motivation
design from Design Gallery: A2B ~ Goals & Motivation
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