Love Matters, Doesn't It?L o v e    M a t t e r s . . .

Love Matters Everyday...

Hurried days
shorter nights
here's the tunnel
where's the light
Rushing to-
Fast food on the way
Rushing home
To restlessly lay
Impatient and critical
of the spouse I love
what in the world
am I thinking of

Is Any Other as
Foolish as I
Sitting and Watching
Life passing by
So many "things"
that have to be done
So little time
to have any fun
Snapping at my children
frowning at work
considering my neighbor
an inconsiderate jerk

What's it all for
Why do I try
Rushing through life
as it passes me by
In the end
what matters at all
is it that we're great
or that we're small
is it what we've bought
or what we've taught
is it speaking words
or what we've heard?

© Kalee Carmichael, 1999, All Rights Reserved, Used with permission.

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